Nori Roll


Nori Rolls – quick healthy meal!🥢
So easy, so nutritious, so convenient. Open your fridge and see what vegetables you might have. 🥕🥬 The key is to cut thin slices or julienne or shred your vegetables so they flattened when rolling your nori. Choose vegetable that are not too juicy, it could make the nori sheet too soggy. Our Sea Vegetable Pâté is high in protein; its star ingredients are sprouted almonds, kelp and dulse and marry itself perfectly with thin slices of avocado 🥑. You must try it with sauerkraut, so delicious, and no need for soja sauce then. Nori sheets are high in vitamins and minerals, our Sea Veg Pâté is high in protein and Sauerkraut is an awesome probiotic. You’re all set for a complete meal!🍽✨

Love, nori sheet*, spinach*, julienne carrots*, avocado*, Sea Veg Pâté; sprouted almonds*, carrots*, celery*, cold pressed lemon juice*, dulse*, kelp*, Himalayan salt.  Organic Raw Ingredients*

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